Jessie Deluxe Micro-Documentary

Jessie Deluxe Micro-Documentary2020-05-27T06:54:28+00:00

Project Description

Not all rush cuts are created equal! This is a Collective Contest entry and a crash course in the music that is Jessie Deluxe. Jessie Deluxe is an artist, a band, and my source of inspiration for the Collective Contest, Me and My, because of how fully and deeply she injects herself into her artistic expression. In the same way she experiments with sounds, genres and energetic influence, this film represents a diverse selection of both candid and public moments across her multiple projects as of October 2018, featuring seven original music tracks. Jessie Deluxe represents the paradox of the present: The hard and the soft, the dark and the light, the meek and the bold – all while recognizing her power to affect vibration, and raise the frequency of all who seek deeper connection with a more powerful feeling.