Why “Ditch The Box” is Our Studio Name

Our studio name is very relevant to who we are and what we believe in. As artists with a deep commitment to exploring the human experience, with bravery and integrity, we offer our creative feelings to you. Our hope is that you open your heart and mind to boundary-pushing processes that have an impact on the bigger picture tapestry that connects us all.

Ditch The Box Studios is about breaking outside of the boundaries that confine and define you because the nature of life demands you to do so. We believe in a YOU without labels and categories, brimming with passionate potential to share with the world. We believe in a world that accepts what is because it is an expression of what can be. Resistance is futile in a universe that is constantly expanding and we open our hearts as a radical form of unconditional activism that supports the nature of all things.

In the spirit of the most creative and personal, we dedicate ourselves to the part of you that wonders what the box really is, the flowing words below are to help you touch the space where the box has been ditched. Read it like a spoken word poem if you dare to do so…

“…touch the space where the box has been ditched.”

Beyond the check boxes, brown boxes, coloring from a limited spectrum within boxes, searching for a sense of which box you belong in, to belong to, to believe in. What if boxes were created to ease the uniformity of commodities and what if just as easily they can be destroyed by the nonconformity of absurdities?

What if you as a creature are far too complex to be mass produced?

Do you feel as powerful as you look? 

Do you look as smart as you feel? 

Do you feel as independent as you truly are?

Like no other, with no other, you alone define the world. Your story, your song, the music plays for your pleasure. The masses march to your cause. With a roaring growl, the creative energies soar and you feel MORE as a larger picture fills in. Your perspective realized. Your growth point expanded. Your spirit integrated with the magic that is the mystery of all we seek to know. 

The projects we create are mission-oriented in the name of empowerment, using creativity to diversificate the status quo. Non-typical non-binary non-judgemental characters creating unusual unfamiliar uneloquent wording with tendencies to uplift the space and people around them. Assigning new meaning to every existing association. Discombobulating definitions using cantastic phrases with irreputable audacity, persisting despite autocorrect and Webster confirmations that would deem this use of ungendered language incorrect. Inherited concepts are meant to be crafted into more brilliant forms of flexibly flowing ideas, far larger than those that came before. 

Energy streams become rivers as every drop joins in, pushing the flow faster into the ocean of equanimity.

Altruistic organizations blazing trails for the good it does, for the warmth it brings, and in the name of a better way to live. Connection is what we all crave. Intimacy is a space we all share. We can no longer ignore the loneliness we feel when we disconnect from ourselves, connect to our technology and further disconnect from each other. Technology is a tool, not a mask. Another layer that distracts eyeballs from the reality that is your reflection felt and seen within every interaction you have in this world. Mirror neurons pulling you forward with emotional reactions and tactile sensations.

Do you know who you are?

Do you know what you want?

Do you know why you want to BE?

Movement happens in the direction of (dis)belief, the trails caused by thoughts that keep on thinking. Nurture or destroy, create or deharmonize – there is a cause and effect momentum to this world that can be relied upon – the way physical laws are meant to be.

You act, you move, you create and engage. All in the name of whatever it is you are seeking. 

Do you know what you want?

You dress, you speak, you interact. All in reflection of who you want to be.

Do you know who you are?

A human doing or a human being. Is there a category that suits you better?

When we reject the capitalistic belief that productivity defines human worth, we find better ways to live. The kind of ways that prioritize self-care, expression, and honesty above all else. Because who can honestly say that this full time 40 hour job leaves me room to rest, relax, integrate, explore, and BE? Do you know who you are if you move non-stop only to crash, reset and start again?

These are the questions that fan the inner flames of desire.

What is your passion? What is your purpose? Do you have the courage to identify and know what lies within?

Like a wolf howling at the moon, a wilderness calls upon you to be bigger and better than the moment before. Feeling bigger and feeling better lead to one space of internal and untouchable clarity. Do you breathe with intention or by default?


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